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General definitions

This Member Agreement governs your membership of the community, giving you full access to the Membership portion of the Website (the "Site"). This Membership Agreement is a supplement to the Terms of Use and Customer Agreement applicable to the Site. The site is hosted by

Access to and use of part of the Site's membership is provided by, provided you accept the terms of the Membership Agreement, the Terms of Use and Customer Agreement, and access to or use part of your site's membership. Membership Agreement and Terms of Use. If you do not agree to accept and abide by this Membership Agreement and the Terms of Use, you should not access or use the Site components. In the event of inconsistencies between this Membership Agreement, the Terms of Use and Customer Agreement, the terms of this Membership Agreement govern. reserves the right to change or modify any or all parts of this membership agreement at any time, effective immediately upon publication of the notice on the Website. Your continued use of part of your membership after such announcement signifies your binding acceptance of the terms of this Agreement, including any changes or modifications made by in accordance with the instructions given above. If at any time the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement are no longer acceptable, you should immediately discontinue use of the membership portion of the Site.


Byer is the specific person or organization that is registered in the account at from which the image is purchased. The invoice will be generated for such person or organization when the image is purchased in accordance with this Agreement.
The Buyer agrees to use the purchased images for their intended purpose and in accordance with the purchased license.

Choosing the Right Royalty Free License (RF)

Images are sold in the form of a license for a one-time fee. Use of the license is subject to the license terms set out in this agreement. All images are sold on a non-exclusive basis and for an indefinite period of time.
All files on your site can be downloaded either Standard or Extended. Check these rules to choose the right license:
1. If a file is used to create an item that is not for sale, the standard license is always appropriate.
2. If the file is used to create an item for sale or for free distribution:
- If the file has a minor role in the element, the Standard License is appropriate;
- If the file plays an important role in an item, the Extended License is appropriate.
3. If the file is used for resale: an item that will be distributed to increase commercial revenue (such as reselling web templates, mugs, t-shirts, pictures, books, calendars, etc.) is eligible for Extended License.
4. If the file is used for free distribution: an item that will be distributed to a wide audience without increasing commercial revenue (eg free web templates, stickers, leaflets, etc.). License selection depends on the role a file plays in an item.
- Important role: It is believed that a file has a central role in an item if File is the primary or important part of the item, increases the internal value of the item, and affects the customer preference for that particular item.
- Small role: it is considered that the file is played as a minor element, if the file is a random part of the element, does not add significant value to the element and does not affect the client's preference for that element, the Standard is appropriate.

It is forbidden

It is forbidden to use or display content that contains a model or person in a way that indicates that such person is using or personally supporting any matter, product, service, cause, association or other venture except in the case where it is accompanied by a statement indicating, The content is used only for illustrative purposes, and each person presented in the content is a model.
It is forbidden to use or display content that contains a model or person in a way that presents the person in potentially sensitive subjects, including mental and physical health problems, social issues, sexual or alleged sexual activity or preferences, abuse of substance, crime, physical abuse Or mental or ailments, or any other topic that could be offensive or unwelcome to the person pictured, unless the content itself is used for illustrative purposes only, and each person presented in the content is a model.
It is forbidden to use or display content that contains a model or person in a way that it considers to be pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory or that is likely to bring any person or property reflected in the content as offensive.

Terms of registration and associated VAT

Buyer is required to submit his real data for proper classification in the registration process. This mainly concerns the distinction between whether the client is a company or a private person, and also the country of origin. In different countries there are different requirements and tax settlements. Relevant data is important for tax purposes. The registration data should match the account data from which the financial settlement occurs. These data are verified by us.

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